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SAP Consulting has over 20 years experience in the Planning & Development of positions, career and salaries in small, medium and large companies, national and multinational, and that operate in different segments and business modality.


Some of the benefits that the personalized and efficient salary plan can provide to YOUR COMPANY:


  • It contributes to the establishment of attraction and retention policies with structured strategic direction.
  • Creates support platform to organize the policies of meritocracy, promotion, career plan, training and development, evaluation of performance and skills.
  • It facilitates the definition of the budget / budget with the necessary investments in remuneration with a more systemic vision of the needs of the business in relation to the management of the people.
  • It facilitates competitiveness before the market by mapping job descriptions focused on processes and existing roles.
  • It supports the strategic remuneration policy, with the mapping of critical or key positions.
  • It guides and diminishes actions with paradigm / wage isonomy or function deviation lawsuits, through the clarity of the attributions and responsibilities present in the functions / roles and respective levels, as well as in the orientation for the managers to make the correct allocation of the people in the processes.
  • It presents the evidences to the quality certification bodies (ISO norms and similar), through the mapping of the necessary competencies for the function / role, as well as the indicators to define the training plan / training for the employees.
  • It improves the organizational climate, through the establishment of management policies that regulate and give transparency to the movement of people.

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